Income Therapy for those with Brain Issues:

Brain injury, Mental illness and PTSD

The Best Online Career Training On Earth!

You Can Earn A Living Wage. Several Tracks To Choose From. Financing may be Available.
What We Do Here Works. How would you handle Your Injury Or Illness if your bills were paid? Likely with Compassion.

There are a million things you can do with your life before a brain injury happens. Or a mental illness hammers you into the ground or even PTSD. The problem is once that happens...

Hey everyone Kurt here from If you study our work, we've worked with plenty of clients, helping them build exceptional... well let's call it for what it is, resilient, income therapy businesses.
Don't panic at the sound of that, it's only a maximum of 20 clients per year. And these individuals go out and they use the strategies that we help them build to service their clients on a project basis.  Read more...  Or Listen to the Recording...

Quick Question

How long have you been battling to survive & work again?
Years is too long.
We’ll bet you thought you were alone.
64 – 74 million people endure a brain injury annually.
All over the globe.
After ten years 8 – 10% of the planet
is recovering from a brain injury.
25 % of those go on to have mental health problems.
Add all other mental health and PTSD issues
and the numbers are staggering.
It becomes clear.
Only a small portion can return to functionality
given current medical knowledge and technology.

We have hope for the few.
What we do here works.

Our Founder earned $30 – $77k annually for 15 years.
He had a thriving recovery.
While many have a broken resume,
he has a portfolio of success.
If he took the first two courses we offer today,
he could be earning within 3 days.
He’s an expert now.
When he started it would have taken him 2 – 4 weeks.
Can you work? Will you work? Good options are few.
Extremely sophisticated problem. Seemingly simple solution.
If you get good before you get fast, you can overcome this disadvantage.
If you earn more in less time, you can leverage the time loss.
Leverage it back to the life you want. Wiser, stronger and better.
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