Want to Earn Income Quickly?

We offer a step by step guide to painting for income and therapy for those suffering from brain injuries or mental illness. From basic skills to owning your own business. It is the easiest option painting for 20 clients per year and controlling your own schedule, income and quality of life. There is endless work, not to mention the self-esteem from owning your own business. This works anywhere homes and businesses need coatings.

Not Sure Where to Start?

We offer a variety of packages to get you trained and educated on how to paint and run your own business.

Rise to the Top

Stretching you, but within your limits. Learn
about the benefits you'll gain from painting one room well, and repeat for success.

A Plan for Everyone

This isn't a one-size fit all kind of world. From Basic Skills to Pro Painter, find the package that works for you.


'66 Career Tips for Brain injured & Mentally ill'

in PDF format $6US

'Tremendous Hope' eBook by Author Kurt Killen Founder of Painttosafty.com in PDF format $17US

'eCourse Starter Pack' by Painttosafety.com

SAVE 38% $185US    Reg $298


  • Readiness Checklist
  • Basic Skills Video Series
  • Paid Pro Painter Video Series NEW!
  • BONUS 66 Career Tips PDF
  • discounts on future eCourses

Kurt J. Killen Painttosafety.com Founder