STOP DOING THESE THINGS IMMMEDIATELY ~~brain injured, mentally ill or Ptsd sufferers~~ What’s up guys. It’s Kurt Killen from Brain injured or mentally ill including Ptsd, if you are looking farther down the road than even one day, please stop. If you are truly enduring these issues you need to take life one day […]

Not one but hundreds of jobs, riiiight My critique of this blog post. The statistics do not support it. People are in pain and need downtime. LOTS of downtime. Their capacity is limited so learning in school and paying with loans is a very BAD idea. I’m telling you. It can sink you. You need to follow someone who has done […]

Secret Weapons: Pills & Skills

Plain: I ran a small business for a living. Real: I overcame severe mental health concerns, had a successful career as a Painting Contractor and was a top 1%er in leaving customers happy & making a living while managing my crap. Now I train others to do it. Take your meds. Pills & skills. Let’s connect. Book […]

There are two games but one goal.

Listen to me. If you listen poverty is not your destiny. But if you do not listen the statistics speak for themselves. The game is make it & keep it. Can you do either? Seek salvation. One feather of trouble more will kill you. Live with books and laughter, not manipulated, not tormented. Live to […]

A Taste of What’s to Come…

We are now beta testing. Students could be earning income within 12 weeks of course completion AND managing their health better. Business skills don’t hurt either. Check out our promo site and get the free ebook 66 Career Tips for the brain injured and mentally ill, including Ptsd. What we do here works. Careers for […]