TOO FUNNY. WHAT A WEEK! We finished the day before snowfall on the last exterior of the season. Also this happened…One student left his kit in the middle of the road. It gets funnier, we thought it was one fellow and blamed him. It goes on… the next day myself and student 3 went to […]

Youth’s Great Disabler

Today two big things about mental health… 1. Sometimes we cannot pinpoint what is wrong and when it is happening. Which…2. Leaves time taking its sweet old pace and why it is called youth’s great disabler. That said we manage these issues when we teach you to paint for a living. Earn more in less […]

Empathy is the Way

Today we discuss empathy. Not because it’s the hot topic of the week, but b/c it lets you learn very quickly. I just read autism in heels by Jennifer Cook O’Toole. She was always straight A’s and super accomplished but had some serious weaknesses. It is amazing. Thank-you Jennifer. Brain issues all have so many […]