What does the Safety mean in PainttoSafety?

For starters it means self-esteem. The lowly painter is a skill that means value to clients. So quality demands a price. It is both maintenance and aesthetic. It is reliable income in good economies and bad. It is tied to people’s wants and needs and is forever changing in styles and trends. The all-white trend […]

Wow. Just wow.

I get it you have a brain injury or mental illness like I do and you’re sceptical of what the internet holds. While I am enjoying meeting and talking to people I can understand your concerns. Believe me. So what will you get when you talk to us at Paint to Safety? Only 3 things. […]

Want cash? Painttosafety.com has a B2B Affiliate program

That is 101% correct. Painttosafety.com is a B2B platform that offers referral funds to access brain injured or mentally ill who can in turn earn income by taking our courses. Ideal B2B would be independent such as equine therapy, physiotherapy, independent social work, psychology and of course other social enterprise’s and non-profits. Click here to […]

FRee eBooK from PainttoSafety.com

Here’s the link for the free ebook ’66 Career Tips for the Brain Injured or Mentally Ill’ https://www.linkedin.com/posts/kurtkillenpainter_free-ebook-send-this-to-people-who-need-a-activity-6631633527521763328-miPA   FREE, FREE, FREE, FREE,FREE, FREE,FREE, FREE,   🙂   0 SharesShareTweetSharePinShare

Are You A Panic Job Seeker?

Here’s a great article we posted on linkedin for those with brain injuries or mental illness seeking a job! This is how I do it! https://www.linkedin.com/posts/kurtkillenpainter_incometherapy-soulrehabilitation-activity-6631631453832695809-CgYK   0 SharesShareTweetSharePinShare



Our WORKSHOP Video helps you consider if painting is ideal for your disability. It’s easier to find painting gigs than work a job. And it pays better too! The link.. https://painttosafety.com/training-packages/introductory-workshop/ The price… $16US 0 SharesShareTweetSharePinShare

Kijiji Ad


We posted our first ad on kijiji. What do you think?? Please view this ad: ‘Earn Income’ e-course for brain injured and mentally ill, https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classes-lessons/calgary/earn-income-e-course-for-brain-injured-and-mentally-ill/1485438048 0 SharesShareTweetSharePinShare