Youth’s Great Disabler

Today two big things about mental health… 1. Sometimes we cannot pinpoint what is wrong and when it is happening. Which…2. Leaves time taking its sweet old pace and why it is called youth’s great disabler. That said we manage these issues when we teach you to paint for a living. Earn more in less […]

Empathy is the Way

Today we discuss empathy. Not because it’s the hot topic of the week, but b/c it lets you learn very quickly. I just read autism in heels by Jennifer Cook O’Toole. She was always straight A’s and super accomplished but had some serious weaknesses. It is amazing. Thank-you Jennifer. Brain issues all have so many […]


Totally uncool. Work and education systems are designed to cater to individual wants. Needs only arise when student loans and mortgages for homes are required. Then we lower the bar to ‘do whatever it takes’. If only we had the foresight to get to work in an in demand industry, ideally as a small business, […]

Process perfects the painting

Post today deals with processes. If something isn’t working it needs a list and an order to do it in. This extends all the way to coping & functioning as a BioMi (brain injured or mentally ill, includes Ptsd). We instruct in small business, painting skills as well as the coping & functioning. But it […]

Universal Basic Income for BioMi

So Covid 19 is testing the water of what some call the need for a Universal Basic Income. I was against this in the beginning because it was a UN Socialist Agenda item that seriously bothered me. Combine it with the massive amounts of debt that we are incurring,  at least in Canada anyway and […]