Are You A Panic Job Seeker?

Here’s a great article we posted on linkedin for those with brain injuries or mental illness seeking a job! This is how I do it!   0 SharesShareTweetSharePinShare



Our WORKSHOP Video helps you consider if painting is ideal for your disability. It’s easier to find painting gigs than work a job. And it pays better too! The link.. The price… $16US 0 SharesShareTweetSharePinShare

Kijiji Ad


We posted our first ad on kijiji. What do you think?? Please view this ad: ‘Earn Income’ e-course for brain injured and mentally ill, 0 SharesShareTweetSharePinShare

How Can You Help

blonde painting

Refer Those with a brain injury or mental illness that are struggling with career or income issues to That’s what we do! Secondly if you know of a related group or charity please have them contact us. For referring BIOMI we can provide a portion to those groups. Finally if you know of those […]

The Cart Before the Horse


To put the cart before the horse is an analogy for doing things in the wrong order. Wikipedia link   Meds & Acceptance I have found that there are two things that prevent people from getting better after a brain injury or a mental illness; acceptance and medication compliance. The local University of Calgary was […]