FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Bootstrap You to Success!

Who is this course designed for?

Our program is designed for those with brain issues, and community Leaders willing to operate as Licensee's to operate as small paint crew's working in their communities.

Intellectual disabilities do not mean someone does not understand. While the ability to get to and from a job with a drivers license separates some of our students from others and being physically able may not mean 'able to paint well'. Our courses are ideally designed for those trapped by their intellectual disability and who understand this. Their symptoms may slow or impede the ability to function full time and their self-esteem may be frustrated at working low paying work when they feel they can do better.

Licensees with desirable skills can operate with the full support of P2S HQ on a daily basis for finding work, completing work and getting paid.

How much does it cost?

There are several opportunities for Painters to train and earn as individuals, level up to Crew Lead and even join us in future at P2S HQ. There are costs for training to learn to paint and lead as well as target bars to hit for those opportunities. Please apply to our program click here

Can healthy individuals take your courses?

Absolutely. Anyone of age and capacity can take our courses. While full coverage from grants and subsidies may not be available to you, we can work with you to pay for your tools, courses and ongoing live support. As long as you are safe to go into people's homes we are as excited as you are to change your life.

What if I already have disability income?

Great question. There is usually an amount you can earn above your disability income that will not affect the disability income. We are the perfect solution for you. It can be troublesome to work your way off of disability and we would not want to be responsible for that in any case. So a part time Painter you shall be!

What exactly do you offer?

Primarily 4 courses. Basic Skills - Painting for therapy. Paid Pro Painter - Painting for Income. Painting Contractor - Owning a Small Business. And finally Next Big Thing - Prep for Retirement. We provide a detailed estimate after our 30 minute introductory evaluation and meeting.

Isn't it expensive to operate a business?

Not when you consider the cost of how we currently operate. Individuals with intellectual disabilities apply for jobs, they get trained and then they fail for one reason or another and leave the company to repeat the process again. They have a resume full of holes. With us if you can work full time hours we'll help you get there. Our innovation is the low-cost training and live support that allows our students to complete one project after another at their own pace, creating a portfolio of success.

How do I get tools?

We offer tool kits for $550 CAD + 5% tax. It comes with everything you need for 2 people to brush and roll up to 5 jobs. We can ship it to you or you can purchase our tools list for $49 CAD + 5% tax and get tools from your local paint store.

What is bootstrapping?

Bootstrapping is the term used by entrepreneurs to use income from the business to get their business off the ground. It is a time honoured way to prove that your business is viable. If your business can grow on its own then do you really need loans or credit? We offer bootstrapping options in our Quick Start Program. Minimum charges may apply.

How do I get started?

With us on our home page click the book a meeting link and we'll take it from there. Each situation is unique like every paint project. We tailor our program to your capacity and only recommend what will allow you to succeed. In your painting business it begins with painting a few rooms at home or for a family member or friend. These skills will come in handy once you try painting for a few dollars in our Paid Pro Painter course.

What if I already know how to paint?

That is awesome. We would love to work together to bootstrap you into a successful company. We painted the equivalent of 7500 bedrooms with over half of those jobs coming by word of mouth. We also started Painttosafety.com as an encore. Our best training coaches leveraging your business to the next level. We want you as a success as one of our students. Yes there is a discount for you.

How can I make this constructive for my low functioning family member?

A healthy family member and a disabled person can work together as a great team on small and medium sized jobs that are everywhere. We are a practical solution as a second income while keeping your individual busy and productive. Besides, you can schedule your holidays and downtime as you wish.

As a Professional Care Provider How Do I Refer to You?

Let's book a meeting to get to know each other on our home page, it is a productive 30 minute session. Once you are comfortable with us we can provide ebooks, our web site or a meeting with your suggested individual. A a Social Enterprise we rely on Professionals to refer individuals that could succeed so that marketing costs are well managed.