Not a college painting program – is a complete solution.

The expanse of markets for experienced professional Painters is staggering. Combined with the steady residential – interior & exterior maintenance projects alone you are only considering a few aspects of the whole market. Signage, furniture restoration, pre-install sewage pipes, safety lines, custom work & ceilings are a couple of ideas that come to mind.

Put paint where it is supposed to be and don’t put paint where it’s not supposed to be. Follow our process and after awhile we’d be surprised if you didn’t exceed your own expectations.

We don’t usually let people know that we are survivors & thrivers of brain injuries or mental illness. After 25+ years of disability and 15 years of painting it is not even an issue. But it provides some tremendous opportunities to bond with your clients, regarding life changes going on in their lives while doing what you need to do for your family and living your life.

Their is dignity in the work. And profits! Specialized skills will allow you to adjust your own surroundings for therapy and income once you understand the full scope of work out there. Finding work is primarily a process of raising awareness about your skills. Completing the work is your therapy, so it’s simply follow process and collect your money. If a dispute arises, you’ll be trained to manage it. And we’re always here to support you if necessary.


Kurt Killen Founder of




Article by Kurt Killen