Our Story

Dedicated to Career Building for the Brain injured and Mentally ill

Paint to Safety founder Kurt Killen has been married for 21 years. He has also been a Painting Contractor for 14 years. He feels blessed to have the support of his family and a livelihood given his health issues. He knows others are not so well off and that they struggle to earn a living after developing mental illness or enduring a brain injury. But brain rehab is a thing. Others with Brain Injuries and Brain Illnesses can also improve their strength, pocketbook, and confidence through painting for others.

After 14 years of Painting, Killen's company has painted over 900 000 square feet of space. That is equivalent to 7500 bedrooms; with over 50% of those jobs coming from referral. They have literally painted hundreds of homes and businesses with their professional painters and a designer's touch.

Photograph of Painted Bedroom

Anyone Can Paint

Anyone can paint one room. At least anyone over 12, or so it's been described in one particular online post. Paint those first 3 rooms and you can likely paint rooms forever. You can paint part time or possibly full time, relatively speaking. You can manage your disability if you can simply get the finances issue out of the way. If you can earn an income and manage your illness, perhaps you can have a relationship. And maybe a family if you so choose.

When Your Brain Doesn't Work, You May Have To.

From the start of Paint To Safety, we've secured a strong and vibrant team to begin spreading the message that brain rehab is possible and we have a small business trade option for you to consider. Through physical work painting and earning an income on your own time, to considering life after painting, it can be an amazing journey of personal fulfillment. It has taken the Killen family and the amazing team at Paint To Safety to bring these stories to you in a supportive and expressive way.