Quick Start Program

Training, Education, and Personal Growth

What Is The Quick Start Program?

Once we have a meeting and determine that you are a great fit for PainttoSafety.com we can start you straight away. Within minutes we can have your course delivered directly to your inbox.

A great fit is determined by us understanding your personal situation. Our courses are created around individuals having mental health or similar situations where they need time to rest. That said, young healthy people with lots of energy make our team numbers look great together.

So we are always looking for people who a) agree that completing projects for 20 clients to earn a living wage is ideal and b) needs to improve on a past situation for a healthier and happier future.


How much, How long & What is included?

What if we told you it is FREE for 18 months which includes your full training.

We work very hard to disperse your entire tuition through grants, scholarships, bursaries and even donations if need be. So technically your tuition may be free. If we can determine that you are very likely to receive such support, we'll get you started straight away. Our live support is critical to your success. Small questions, especially starting out, need answers. We are only a phone call, text or email away. With confidence you can do anything. We'll stay available to make sure you have the confidence you need to carry on by yourself as long as you'll need us. 18 months is standard.

The Quick Start Program includes our Introductory Workshop Video, our Basic Skills Video Series, the Paid Pro Painter Video Series, live support and evaluations of homework. We also provide bonus content such as our Guide to a Living Wage as well as the Companion for Family Members/Caregivers. We can even supply our Founders ebooks, Tremendous Hope and Broken Reflections.

Tool kits are extra. You may purchase your own tools off a tool list as well.


Comprehensive Video Training At Your Pace

Just click on the email links to watch the videos immediately. The link lasts up to a month. We will take notes for you as well! We'll send you a summary PDF attachment so you can work on the skills and processes you need to succeed. Your own business may also address some self-esteem issues, when comparing yourselves to your peers.

For our Founder, having his own business that earned as much or more than his peers and in less time was phenomenal. In fact it is worth teaching others how to succeed as well.