Why Painting? Why Us?

Painting wasn't our choice, it is simply what solved our problem

Why Painting?

Painting was the only career that was beneficial for Founder Kurt's personal wellness and his pocketbook. He had tried re-educating with a $35000 dollar non-repayable grant that did not become an IT career. That would have broken him. He also tried several low pay, low self-esteem jobs including shiftwork.

Many pay vast sums for education with only 27% finding jobs in their fields. This leaves many with debt burden problem number 1 - debt without the ability to repay. Having a mental health or intellectual disability makes work challenging, so climbing the salary ladder is out of the question. That is debt burden problem number 2 - financial stress can affect your health. Finally debt burden number 3 - you have no leverage.

Painting is great wellness exercise, and well suited to able bodied people with a brain injury or mental illness.

Teaching you how to paint for wellness and to earn income, is our primary motivation.

If you become an intermediate Painter that earns a living wage, everyone at PainttoSafety.com will applaud you. If you earn more or less than that, we are a team here. Always cheering you on.

Why Us?

A Triple Bottom Line. A Triple Bottom Line means that we are taking care of our financial house. In addition we will also contribute to our social and environmental responsibilities. As a Social Enterprise designed to provide careers for those with disabilities and low income, PainttoSafety.com is working on alleviating suffering for the afflicted. As a company in the chemical coating industry we aim to use low or no VOC materials and training for our students.

To enable students with brain issues and/or low incomes to earn a living wage, become their best selves as corporate citizens and be environmental stewards in their own right. Another key priority is to support the families of these individuals.

Thousands of new disabled painting companies, trained by us and succeeding in their own right.