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Training, Education, and Personal Growth

Earn what you can, in your own time

Painting is great therapy, and well suited to able bodied people with a brain injury or mental illness. Teaching you how to paint for therapy and to earn income, is our primary motivations. You will not have to do more than you can. When someone says I hate painting, you'll reply 'I count on that!'

Live Support

We are available for questions, concerns, a lunch time chat or whenever you need us. Call, Text or Email us absolutely anytime. We'll always provide encouragement. We see what you're facing at that exact moment on a project and guide you through it from spilled paint to budgeting questions. Obviously you will need us earlier on in your training so we'll be there. When you call less and are rolling along as an expert we'll check in with you to see how you're doing.

We're going to stretch you but within your limits.

The most important step is painting that first room with a process. You need to see and hear about the benefits you'll gain from painting one room well. If money was no object, would managing your illness be different? Income is a large stressor. Resolving these issues can be key to managing your brain injury or mental illness well. Exclaiming 'I can do this is!' after painting another room is something you'll get used to. Again one paint job at a time.

Comprehensive Video Training At Your Pace

Simply click on the email links to watch the videos now or later. The link lasts up to a month. We will take notes for you as well! We'll send you a summary PDF attachment so you can work on the skills and processes you need to succeed. Having your own small business addresses some self-esteem issues when comparing yourselves to your peers. Clients expect an invoice for work completed well.