Do you ever wonder what it would be like to feel comfort again?

Comfort in Possibilities

Once you experience the personal physical benefits of painting and the confidence you'll gain from your new skills you will feel comfortable. When you realize that you can paint a room well through your own experience and that you can charge for that, you'll take comfort in the possibilities.

Earn what you need, in your own time

Painting is great therapy and perfectly suited to able bodied people with a brain injury or mental illness. Teaching you how to paint for your health and to earn income, is our primary motivations. We found typical jobs were terrible for our illness and that our illnesses were an ongoing problem for employers. With painting, we could earn what we needed on our own time. Which, as it so happens, makes for a better result for the client as well. We completed one job at a time.

We're with you the whole way

Perhaps knowing we've been through this and that we're going to be with you the whole way, might comfort you as well. No tricks, hold-backs or impediments to progress. It's really all up to you. If hard work was the only thing standing between you and success what will you do?! It was a no-brainer (ha) decision for us.