Strengthen Your Skills and Rise to a Higher Level

Comprehensive Video Training At Your Pace...

We send emails that contain the link to the session you are working on...just click on it to watch videos now or watch it later. The link lasts up to a month. We will take notes for you as well! We'll send you a summary PDF attachment so you can work on the skills and processes you need to succeed. We focus on 3 main areas of our training...

Setting Limits and Time Management

The first is the primary necessity of Managing our brain injury or mental illness. With all of the important intricacies that go along with that, such as setting limits, time management, realizing we're injured - not stupid and much more. These are practical day-to-day techniques we use to manage ourselves.

Learning to work through the Painting Trade

Secondly is the skills training in painting; industry news, markets, materials, safety, tools and equipment reviews. Learning the trade on your timeline, but at a much steeper learning curve to challenge your sense of person again. Trust me you'll be fine and you won't forget because repetition will drive home the process.

Gain the business skills necessary to effectively run your own business

It seems paradoxical that you'd start a business when you are not at your best. However it is a privilege and right to be in business, so you'll need to keep records for paying tax to the government (it's minimal if any), and you'll learn quickly that working for others is not ideal for your health.

However, when you control the job, the money and the process, it works out. With less than 20 clients per year, using a couple other painters for tasks you cannot do, it is not a burdensome issue. It also addresses some self-esteem issues comparing yourselves to your peers if you have your own company. And Clients expect an invoice for work completed as well.