Invest in your personal growth

We're going to stretch you but within your limits.

The most important step is painting that first room. You need to see and hear about the benefits you'll gain from painting one room well. There will be so many amazing firsts for you that you'll wonder why they don't teach this everywhere. All I can say is if everyone knew - they'd be painting too! You will not have to lie about who or what you are. It will be irrelevant most of the time anyway. You will not have to do more than you can. When someone says I hate painting, you'll reply 'I count on that!'

You will make time for the things that matter

You will be able to make time for your illness, kids, spouse and whatever else this world demands. Time management will become the tool that moves you. The biggest personal issue you'll face will be keeping your own house clean, like everyone else.

Removing mental obstacles that hold you back

If money was no object, would managing your illness be different? Income is a large stressor and we knew others have this issue as well. Resolving these issues can be key to managing your brain injury or mental illness well. Exclaiming 'I can do this is!' after painting another room is something you'll get used to. Again one paint job at a time.