Process perfects the painting

Post today deals with processes. If something isn’t working it needs a list and an order to do it in. This extends all the way to coping & functioning as a BioMi (brain injured or mentally ill, includes Ptsd). We instruct in small business, painting skills as well as the coping & functioning. But it […]

Universal Basic Income for BioMi

So Covid 19 is testing the water of what some call the need for a Universal Basic Income. I was against this in the beginning because it was a UN Socialist Agenda item that seriously bothered me. Combine it with the massive amounts of debt that we are incurring,  at least in Canada anyway and […]

Caregivers notes

I wanted to shout out to all the Caregivers out there. It is difficult to be patient but you do a great job. I would personally like to say thank-you. You play a vital role with a very difficult global issue. The authorities and health care systems run like large mega machines, forever churning. But […]