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Series of 18 Articles by subscribing on our site click here. Comes with a FREE ebook ’66 Career Tips for the Brain Injured Or Mentally Ill. My name is Kurt Killen, Founder of Paint to Safety and we are new to social media, so forgive our initial blunders. But we posted these articles on LinkedIn […]

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Safety Flooring After

Hi Friends of Brain Injuries or Mental Illness, That’s Digital Kurt; a representation of Founder Kurt Killen’s pysche. We will have some great fun with him in our courses. In this subscription you can expect some education and entertainment around all that you manage daily with brain injuries or mental illness. You see – of […]

Defining What it Means to Paint to Safety


Consider someone like myself – who has experienced delusions, detachment from reality, voices in my head, clinical depression and a struggle, before painting, to earn an income – how discussion about safety can be a really touchy subject. I was pleasantly surprised that I was not scared of heights, although I was allowed to take […]