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I would value your approach as a CAMS(Complementary and Alternative Medicines) approach to those afflicted with TBI mTBI, PTSD and other trauma, albeit diagnosed or not.

You are definitely on track with the brain needing to be exercised and conditioned...The brain needs to re-map healthy neuron pathways and the best way to do that is through exercising the mind and body in concert. An activity such as painting, albeit for art or function, provides an instant reward cycle which is very important to the pursuit of wellness.

PTSD is not deemed to be curable; however, it is possible for a person to have a Thriving Recovery...the same can be said for other causal factors of impairment.

R. Reid Executive Director AllHumanity Group Holdings, LLC

You are doing some important and exciting work! I will share your work with my teams. I have not seen the approach you take before and its very innovative

James D. Program Manager also COO also Director Licensed to Learn also IDRF also S.E.E.D.S.

This is a discussion worthy of my time. So please feel free to text your availability. And, by the way, thanks for what you're doing.

Jim D. Senior Director of Development Illinois Joining Forces

Absolutely. Love your story and video. I know that guys in early sobriety frequently are skill-short and money tight. Learning how to earn their own livings would certainly be a game changer for many with that disease of mind, spirit and body.

Painter looks on wall before starting to paint
Ron B. Executive Director, Founder, President, Adjunct Professor The Family Matters Program also Chicago School of Professional Psychology

I like it. My brother was a Painting Contractor. Made a good living. It's a great field for returning citizens as well. People who have been incarcerated have major trouble finding work. Painting probably saved his life. When he passed, he left my mother enough real estate and money for her lifetime. I worked with him a couple summers before deciding to join the military.

Painter brushing a wall with a paint roller
A.J. Ali Veteran also Founder also Producer L.O.V.E. is the Answer

The clients I work with for the most part have some form of PTSD as they have all come from some form of traumatic event. Many of the parents have lost their jobs and also any savings due to the huge financial burden these situations place them in. Sadly there have been some cases where one party has committed suicide due to the stress involved.

I am interested in learning more about what you do and also how I can connect my clients who may be interested in your services.

Thanks for reaching out 🙂

Z. Bayne Director EBMSI