The Numbers

Edited for Intermediate Painters

Key Elements of Our Numbers

The elements we consider are capacity, enjoyment, need, time, cost and quality. For example, we time test our students on basic skills such as painting one room. If a beginner takes 4 hours to paint one room and has limited capacity, then only small jobs are open to them. If however they can paint one room in 3 - 3.5 hours, then perhaps they can complete 2 rooms per day. If students can complete 2 rooms per day and the quality is enough to get paid then medium size jobs also come into play. Completing small and medium brush and roll jobs can earn you a living wage.

Enjoyment is key. Need often overrides enjoyment and individuals take careers that are not suited to them. So we recommend setting up a meeting to discuss your options with us.

How much can I earn?

When completing project work quality is the biggest issue. We step our program out in stages helping you source small jobs until a medium one comes along for the big bucks.

An intermediate Painter can earn $80 - $130 CAD per room. One of our students is on a project that has 13 rooms on 2 floors. That would mean a project cost of $1040 - $1690*. We can assure you it is more.

Built in to the cost of the project our intangibles such as the quality of the paint as well as market pricing. If you can complete the job as well as anyone why not get paid as much?

*labour only

The Big Picture

Our whole program is based off of the idea that painting for about 20 clients per year is ideal. We at Paint to Safety thrive at helping our students work as much they can handle and maintain the big picture of an annual income.

Our Painters can earn $100 per room and paint 2 rooms per day. This is about $25 per hour. A typical person works 22 days per month. Let us say we can manage 12 - 15 days per month. Then students have an opportunity to earn $28 800 - $36 000 per year.

There really is so much more. There are jobs that earn more, such as painting kitchen cabinets. What if you earn $36 000 per year but pay tax of 30% versus 15%. If we can reduce taxes you keep more in your pocket. Warren Buffet says there are 3 reasons businesses fail: leverage, liquor and ladies. If you can leverage your tuition costs with grants and scholarships, if you can lower your taxes and increase your price per job, well... It can become complicated. That is why we're here to help you succeed.

The real numbers are time and quality of life. Some students may only be able to work so much per month. Others may want to work as much as they can, then take time off. Still others are tired of the employment game of pleasing a boss who has the job of getting as much work out of you for as little as he can.

Taking your time to complete projects well pays much more in time and quality of life once you are your own boss. Only 20 clients per year means less people to deal with also!