Training for everyone

Building Basic Skills

You have to start somewhere! Will you like painting homes and businesses? You will need to try it out for yourself as a homeowner painter to discover if you enjoy it and can handle the workload. Basic Skills Video Series gets you started.

Become a Pro

Again, try it before you buy it. The cycle of a project has many details from finding work, doing the work well and getting paid. The Paid Pro Painter Video Series gets your feet wet with an understanding of the whole process. And you can earn some income too!

Own Your Business

We know this sounds very challenging. But it is easier to do projects for 20 clients per year than find a job any day. The pay is better, the jobs are healthy exercise, the clients are actually happy and you can have a life of your own. We help you pick a name, get a license, create estimates and even handles issues. It is a team effort.