Basic Skills Video Series

The Basic Skills Video Series starts you off on your journey. Learn the fundamentals of being a successful painter, coping strategies we use and where to start.

To understand the power of painting call your local paint store and ask the square footage (or square metre) cost a good painting company charges for painting walls. Consider one average room takes 2 to 4 hours to paint. You could earn up to 75% of that cost. In our How to Paint 1 Room Process we'll teach you enough to earn income, even if you are injured or ill.



Learn the fundamentals to start your journey.

Unlock the Basic Skills Video Series for $99 CAD ($ 75.50 US)

Your purchase includes:

We provide over 93 minutes of content inside 18 videos that cover many facets of painting as a BIOMI. The primary skills taught are coping & functioning as a BIOMI and secondly how to paint one room with our process.

  • Labourers, Painters & Contractors
  • Life of a Painter - per Job/Week/Season/Year
  • Prep is Everything – Learn to Prep
  • Brushing Basics
  • Rolling Basics
  • Safety - Ladders – getting certified
  • Safety - Fall Arrest - getting certified
  • Safety – Skin
  • Safety - General
  • Safety - Breathing Apparatus'
  • Safety – Rubber Gloves
  • Trim Inside and Out
  • Decks
  • Fences
  • How to Paint 1 Room Process
  • Health Basics
  • What Can You Paint?
  • Workers Insurance